Profile of Maharaja Jitamitra Prasad Singhdeo

1. Name        Jitaitra Prasad Singh Deo  
2. Father’s Name     :  Raja Anup Singh Deo  
Mother’s Name     :  Rani Shoubhagya Manjari Devi  
3. Date of Birth         :   29th August 1946  
4. Permanent Address        : Palace Khariar  P.O. Khariar – 766 107 Dist. Nuapada  Orissa, India  
5. Achievements through Discoveries:

(i)    Discovered “Pre-historic Rock Art of Yogimath Donger,” on 21st Dec. 1970.

 (ii)    Discovered “Pre-historic Rock Art of Ghat Ghumar,” on 13th March 1980.

 (iii)    First person to draw the attention of Govts. of Orissa & India, including scholars to the Archacological importance of Maraguda Valley in Nuapada district, Orissa.

 (iv)         Discovered the Sarabhapuriya Copper Plates set of Mahajayaraja (Vide : Indian Museum Bulletin, Vol. XI, No.1, January 1976). Discovered many Antiquities, Terra-cottas and Palm leave manuscripts of Western Orissa. His extensive Collections are Archaeological remains have been displayed in KHARIAR BRANCH MESEUM, a Museum specially constructed for this purpose and opened on21st October 1976, by Govt. of Orissa. Now functioning at District Head Quarter Nuapada.

 (v)          Discovered many Archaeological antiquities in Kalahandi district and was instrumental in establishing ‘MANIKYAPUR MUSEUM,” at Bhawanipatna, the district headquarter of Kalahandi district in 1994.

 (vi)         Antiquities of archaeological interest like Beads, Terra-cottas, STONE BULLA, name plate inscription, archivical three volume Records of Appeal to Privy Council, record by Khariar Raja Brajaraj Singh Deo and four Gold coins of Sarabhapuriya dynasty, belonging to Sri Prasannamatra were presented to start. “ Dr. NABIN KUMAR SAHU” museum; of the History Dept. of Sambalpur University, during its formation early period, where they are exhibited at presented. 

Presented one Gold coin of Sri Prasannamatra who belonged to Sarabhapuriya dynasties with other antiquities to Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar, where they are presented in coin cabinet and other Galleries


6. List of Published Books:

        J.P. Singh Deo is author of Critical Research papers on Archaeology, History, Yoga, Culture and their synthesis. His Eleven (11) Books are already published and five more Books are under various stages of publications. He is author of in-numerable Research papers, which are published in Journals, Bulletins, Magazines, Souvenirs, Weeklies and papers. 

i)            Cultural Profile of South Kosala,

Gyan Publishing Houes, New Delhi, 1987

This book is included as a reference Course Book of History of Orissa, in course of P.G. Dept. of History, Sambalpur University. 

ii)             Origin of Jagannath Deity,

Gyan publishing House, New Delhi, 1st edition 1991 and second edition 2003

 iii)            Tantric art of Orissa

Kalpaz publications, Delhi, 2001 

iv)           Character Assacination in Modern History of Orissa

R.N. Bhattacharya Publication, Kolkata, 2001 

v)           Some Tantric Esotericism of Orissa

R.N. Bhattacharya publication, Kolkata, 2001 

vi)         Role – of Raja Rajendra Narayan Bhanja Deo of Kanika (Orissa)

R.N. Bhattacharya Publication, Kolkata, 2003 

vii)        Tantric Hedonism of Mahanadi Valley (Uddiyana Pitha)

D.K. Print World (P.) Ltd. New Delhi, 2004

viii)       Archaeology of Orissa : With Special Reference to Nuapada and Kalahandi

R.N. Bhattacharya Publication, Kolkata, 2006. 

ix)       Evenful Life of an Orissa Province Maker (Diaries of Raja Sir Rajendra Narayan Bhanja Deo of Kanika (1908 to 1922 A.D.)

R.N. Bhattacharya Publication, Kolkata, 2006 

x)         Socio-Cultural History of Orissa : A case study of Khariar Estate,

Punthi Pustak, Kolkata, 2006 

xi)         A Tantric Scholar and British wrath on Bastar State

Punthi Pustak, Kolkata, 2007


7.  Life Member

Life MeLifemember, Orissa History Congress, Orissa.

ii)       Life Member, Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata

iii)       Life Member, Red Cross Society of India.

iv)      Life President, Khariar Sahitya Samiti, Khariar, which has celebrated its centenary in 1983.

v)        Life President, Archaeological Research Committee, Khariar.

(b) On the Editorial Board of

i)        Nuapada Darpan (Souvenir) Nuapada.

ii)        Khadial Jyoti, Khariar.

8. Felicitations and Awards


Felicitatedby Mahavir Sanskrutik Anusthan, Bhawanipatna in 1977.
ii) Felicitated by Gadadhar Sahitya Sansad, Komna, in 1993.
iii) Felicitated on Utkal Utsav, at Nuapada, in 1998.
iv)Felicitated by Kalahandi Anchalika Gramya Bank, Bhawanipatna, in 1998.
v)Felicitated by Khariar Sahitya Samiti, Khariar, in 1999.
vi)Awarded “Ekamra Sanman”, in 2002 by Kedarnath Gabesana Pratisthan, Bhubaneswar.
vii)Included in “Stephante Catherine Cannor, 2003, Honoree, (Contemporary who’s who, first edition for significant carrier, achievements and contributions to study.)American Biographical Institute of India, Volume, 2003.
viii)Honorary appointed to the Board of Advisors, The American Biography Institute, 2003.
ix)Awarded by Sanskar Bharati, Nuapada, in 2003.
x)Felicitated by N.A.C. (Notified Area Council), Khariar, in 2004.
xi)On 10th Sept. 2004, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, had offered I.B.C.’s 21st Century Awarded Achievement, on payment, which J.P. Singh Deo refused.
xii) On 12th August 2005, International Biographical Centre, Cambrdge, England, had offered Award, International Professional of the year 2005, on payment, which J.P. Singh Deo refused.
xiii)On 10th Sept. 2004, Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, had offered Top 100 Communicators 2006, award, on payment, which J.P. Singh Deo refused.
xiv)On 10th Sept. 2004, Cambridge University had offered 21st Century award for achievement, to be conferred on J.P. Singh Deo, which is unique on payment, but J.P. Singh Deo refused.
xv)J.M. Evans, Director, Board of International Research, offered “The World Medal of Freedom,’ a Global distinction extremely limited in number and selection, (American Biographical Institute 2006), on payment, (undated Circulation), which was refused by J.P. Singh Deo.
xvi) On 20th January 2006, International Biographical center, Cambridge, England, offered J.P. Singh Deo to be included in 2,000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st Century, International Biography, Vol, XXXIII, released in 2006.
xvii)On 20th May 2006, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England Offered “The Excellence award – 2006”. On payment, which J.P. Singh Deo refused.
xviii)On 16th June 2006, Ref, 21st / Unv, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, approved the granting of the I.B.C.s 21st Century Award for achievement, on payment. Which J.P. Singh Deo refused.
J.P. Singh Deo is of the opinion that receiving awards on payment is against Indian Ethical Cultural Heritage. It is like buying the awards purchasing the awards.
xix)On 23rd June 2006, Nicholas S.Law, Hon. General Editor, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, offered J.P. Singh Deo to be included in “Cambridge Blue BOOk, 2nd Edition due for publication late 2007, where only four thousand outstanding people will be featured from across the world. (The Research Department, International Biographical Centre, St. Thomas’ Place, ELY, CB 74 GG, Great Britain.) 
xx)Felicitated by Nuapada Jilla Sambadik Sangha in 2006. 
xxi)Felicitated by Kalahandi Lekhaka Kala Parisad, Bhawanipatna, on 1st January 2007 
xxii)Felicitated by Utkal Pathaka Sansad, Cuttack, on 18th Feb. 2007.
xxiii)Felicitated by Mathakhai Mahotsav, Balangir on 26th Dec. 8. 2007.


9 . Other Remarks.  

           A scholar of Sambalpur University Sudam Chandra Mahapatra did M. Phil, (Thesis) on the Topic, “Collections of Jitamitra Prasad Singh deo,” under the guidance of Professor Dr. Sadasiva Pradhan, in the Session of 1995-96.
Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo has been field guide to German Scholars like Dr. Martin Brandtner, Dr. Paul Yule, Dr. Cornelia Mallebrein and at present guiding Dr. Istvan Keul of Institute of Religious Studies, Free University of Berlin, on the topic “ Development of Yogini Cult in India”.
J.P. Singh Deo is field guide to M.Phil and Ph.D scholars on topics on Archaeology, History, Culture, Sprinituality and Yoga.
In the present day, the Humanity of the Globe need constant reminder of Good and whole some individuals, who are characterized by their exceptional deeds – both in their immediate spheres of influence and to society as a whole. J.P. Singh Deo is such an individual, who has devoted his life for the explorations, field surveys of Archaeological interests & sites and Research studies. Thereby, he is exploring the secrets of Yogi, aesthetics, history and culture of ancient and medieval periods of whole Mahanadi Valley Civilization and India in general. He has already earned International Name & Fame, as his name finds place in American Biographical Institute of India, Volume of 2003, and International Biography of 2,000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, Vol. XXXIII, Cambridge University.
The name of J.P. Singh Deo and list of his published Books have already found place in Internet.
On 24th March 2006, J.P. Singh Deo wad made the Chief Guest of first “Paschima Orissa Sanskruti Samman, 2005, function, held at Campus of Sambalpur University.
J.P. Singh Deo is nominated as Member of the Advisory Council for Orissa State Museum, State Archaeology and State Archives, by Commissioner – cum-Secretary to Govt. of Orissa, of Tourism and Culture Depatments, Bhubaneswar, Vide : Letter No. 7666 dated 24th Sept. 2007.
On 10th January 2008, Prof. Dr. Frans H.P.M. Janssen of Netherlands, visited J.P. Singh Deo at Khariar, for consultation on “Lajja Gouri Cult”.